VHS Camera Recorder gives you that old school style video

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Ever thought of recording old school kind of videos on your phone? Have you ever thought to see what a video in VHS looked like in those days? There’s an app that has got you covered. VHS Camera Recorder is an Android app that helps you record videos or take pictures like what came out of a VHS tape, recorded with a Camcorder.

VHS Camera Recorder

Remember that subtle background noise you heard in those old videos? This app has that too. There are many modes and filters you can set before you record. Vintage, 1950, 1960, different styles of VHS and Retro to fill your curiosity. There’s also a feature to change the date to go back in time, as well as also preview the effect in real-time as you record your “videotape”.

Old people in the house can truly relate with this. For the young ones, this is a chance for you to see what videos in video cassettes looked like.

Download VHS Camera Recorder HERE.


  1. For the old ones like us a chance to relive the nostalgic years of our childhood and appreciate how far along the world have come is certainly not a bad idea..the beauty of Android..

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