Video: Audio comparison between TECNO Phantom A, Nokia Lumia 920, and BlackBerry Z30

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PhantomA - Lumia920 Z30

I have three smartphones on my line-up today: TECNO Phantom A, Nokia Lumia 920, and BlackBerry Z30. I am pitting them against one another in this audio test. I recorded it in video so you can enjoy the show. Here is the odd thing though: if your mobile does not have stereo speakers, you will be unable to hear much of the difference that the Z30’s stereo speakers make. The video is only 17 MB in size (MP4 format).

Download: Audio comparison between TECNO Phantom A, Nokia Lumi 920, and BlackBerry Z30.

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In summary, the Phantom A’s mono speaker is outclassed by those on the Lumia 920 and BlackBerry Z30. It has neither the volume nor the quality to match them. While the Lumia 920 produces very good audio from its mono speakers, it is the BlackBerry Z30’s stereo speakers that carry the day with a striking difference in audio quality. Sound from the Z30 is much richer than anything I have heard from any other mobile.


The Z30’s primary competitor in the audio department is the HTC One, which also has stereo speakers alongside Beats audio. If anyone out there has an HTC One and would love to hang out for a comparison test, please get in touch. Cheers, people.

  1. Mr mo. What happens to YouTube.
    That’s the best way to share video…
    I can only stream.. But download count me out..

  2. Well @ Tonardo what about those that can’t stream? don’t be self centered, there has been numerous videos from this site that I wasn’t able to watch because they were on YouTube, (eg. the app creation series) but I didn’t complain.

  3. I would say pitching the Phantom A against these other two is like pitching a bantamweight against a heavyweight.

    An uneven mismatch!

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