Video design preview of Symbian^3

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symbian3The Symbian Foundation has unveiled Symbian^3, and we have a video ‘design preview’ of the new user interface for you.

Highlights from the video, embedded at high resolution below, are multiple homescreens, 3D ‘Coverflow’ for music albums, ‘single tap’ direct manipulation UI everywhere, multitouch (pinching, splaying, to zoom) and live visual multitasking (Web OS/Maemo 5-style).

The first set of Symbian^3 devices will show up in the second half of 2010. Enjoy the video:



  1. I’m so loving this…I’d definitely buy a symbian 3 phone when it eventually comes out. I so in love with the visual task manager. But i do hope that one of these devices comes with a hardware keyboard. A good camera with xenon flash. But i really won’t mind having a touch only device with a capacitive screen

  2. Am really blown away by all that is going on in the smartphone game. with Bada, windowsphone and now Meemo joining the fray. Am most excited about symbian^3 & Bada. One is a respected platform with history undergoing some redesign while the other is yet to find its feet. I believe my next phone will be either one of these 2. just gonna wait till june when both will be on the market for a good comparison.

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