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A friend sent me a video via WhatsApp this morning, and I absolutely loved watching it. It is an animation that features some reality in the Nigerian setting, with some hilarious jara. The name is “Naija Dance Floor Gbedu”, but I hear it is called “Ovie and wale comedy” (the names of the two characters in the video) and it has a popular line, “E don show!”

I wish I had the name of the guys who produced this, so I can credit them accordingly. If you do, please drop the details in the comments section. In my opinion, creativity of this sort should be acknowledged and applauded. The resolution of the video suggests that it is intended for mobile consumption, and not for PC.

PS: Checking the properties of the video on my PC, I see the original title is “Be Inspired_TVC”, suggesting that this was something done to promote Television Continental based in Lagos. That fits in right with the content of the video. Production date is 2005. I do wonder if this video, if originally produced in 2005, hasn’t been updated recently, as some of the moves in the video look like stuff from P-Square’s Alingo.

Naija Dance Floor Gbedu - Ovie and wale comedy

If you love some comedy and a good dance, hit the download link below. It is good entertainment on mobile for times when you are bored or just need some…well….inspiration. The file is 2.94MB in size though, so do check your data balance.

Be inspired! Download Video.


  1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t access the vid on my PC..By the way, ‘TVC’ could mean television campaign: a shortened term used by TV and advertising professionals

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