Samsung S8003 Jet Video Recording

The Samsung Jet is equipped with a 5 mega-pixel camera that supports D1 video recording. D1 represents 720×480 pixels and is a resolution standard for TV and DVD-Video. Let’s put it this way: D1 is a resolution that produces videos that are good enough for TV and DVD. The question is: does the camera on the Samsung Jet deliver on the goods? We examine Samsung S8003 Jet Video Recording.

The Jet’s camera LED flash lights up when you start video recording, which is good. While results in night recordings are not superb, the flash does help low light situations and makes daylight video recording better.

D1-video - Samsung S8003 Jet Video Recording

We were unable to convert to DVD format because our video editing software needs a paid upgrade (and we are just penny-pinching at the moment), but conversion to VCD was smooth and easy.

This means that we were not able to examine the full potentials of the Jet’s recording. VCD conversion gave us MPEG1, 325×288, at 25 frames per second, 1150kbps. DVD conversion on our video editor would have given us MPEG2 720×576 at 25 frames per second, 6000kbps. Note that the Jet is capable of 30 frames per second.

If and when we do get that upgrade, we will update this page with a DVD quality file.

Playback on VCD

Video playback of the VCD quality file is pretty good – home video quality actually. Audio playback is good and loud – no issues there. One bit of good news is that the lip-sync issue that occured on a couple of Samsung models in the past is nowhere to be found here. Audio and video sync perfectly.

So that you can judge the quality for yourself, should you so wish, here is a short video we recorded on the Jet indoors, mid-morning. Click on the image or text link below to download the 2.8mb video file and burn it to VCD or copy to a USB flash drive to watch on your VCD/DVD player.

Samsung S8003 Jet Video Recording

Alternatively, you can view it via YouTube:

What do you think of the video recording prowess of the Samsung Jet?

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