Video: When 4GB RAM is not enough: Samsung’s flagships struggle with multitasking

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AndroidPolice have tested the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ against the Nexus 6 and found out that despite the humongous 4GB of RAM on Samung’s new flagships, background apps are being aggressively shut down:

The issue was readily reproducible on both our S6 edge+ and Note 5 review units, and we aren’t the first people to point this out. Essentially, if you run an app on the S6 edge+ or Note 5, then subsequently open four or five other apps in the meantime, going back to that first app almost invariably results in a full “reflow” of the application – meaning longer load times and more data usage.

Here is the video of the test:



  1. I have always been opposed to the view that “more is always necessarily better”. Or that “newer is always better”. What you have is not as important as how well you manage it ..smartphone memory, money, time… whatever resource.

    Now, the Samsung issue has vindicated that iconoclastic position.

  2. it may or may not be a bug, but it’s definitely a TouchWiz problem. so in essence, the Note 5 lacks the expandable memory & removable battery as well as the multitasking power of the Note 4.

    go Samsung. they’ve finally copied Apple. 2008 Apple

  3. I agree its touch wiz, got a gs4 with 2gb ram. 1.3gb is always occupied even with no applications launched leaving just 500mb left. its crazy. if i installed an AOSP rom on the gs4 i have over 1.2gb ram free. its definitely touch wiz its resource hungry.

  4. Android and Ram. Ram means nothing on Android when you have custom interface like touchwiz

  5. Definitely not a bug,the S6 had the same issue,I remembered people raising the same complaints,must be Samsung’s new aggressive Ram management policy..

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