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Yesterday, our focus was on BlackBerry OS10, which will be officially announced in less than two weeks. Today, the floor is reserved for users of smartphones running the oldest smartphone OS in existence – Symbian and its newer variant, Belle. Unlike BlackBerry which has a future in BB10, Nokia’s Symban/Belle has come to the end of the road.

You know the story – Nokia killed off Symbian/Belle in a public speech about two years ago. The service of songs and burial service have since been conducted, with the last of the Symbian/Belle dynasty being the Nokia 808 PureView. Going forward from that point, while Nokia still provides software and customer support for this range of smartphones, their energies are primarily on Windows Phone now. But I reckon that there must be people who still use a Symbian or Belle OS smartphone till now, and thought to have a village meeting of sorts. The idea is to share experiences of what it is like using a supposedly dead platform till now.

Nokia 808 PureView

Kindly name what Symbian or Belle device you are currently using, whether or not you are satisfied with it, any challenges being faced, and how you have dealt with those challenges. I am fairly certain too that whenever your current device is due for replacement, it is not likely that you will be getting another Symbian/Belle smartphone. Will you be switching to Lumia, as Nokia would love you to do, or would you be looking elsewhere? Share, praise and vent as much as you like about your Symbian/Belle smartphones.

By the powers vested in me as the Last Belle Bender, I hereby declare this Symbian/Belle OS village meeting open!



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  1. Looks like I’m going to be the first person to post a comment. Hmmm, first time it is happening this year. Good start!

    Well, for those who would love to point their android fingers at me, I don’t blame all of you! Lol!

    I’ve not even answered the question. Guess I’m still excited! I still retain and use the Nokia E71. You know, I got this device just to aid my productivity in the area of document preparation and handling emails using emoze – please don’t preach blackberry to me! Thank you. Its battery life was another cache too.

    Yes, I know there are alternatives on other platforms. But I just love the “ancient landmarks”. Somehow, there is this sense of – what should I call it now – antiquity!

    Remember how we pay so much to go see the decomposed skull of the dinosaur and the likes? Yes, that’s how it feels like to be holding one of such devices.

    As much as I’d like to move unto android primarily for its connectivity options – Wifi hotspot, Bluetooth tethering, USB tethering, wifi direct and the likes – I still love symbian and I’d love to get the E5.

    I might be the only person with this opinion, but I don’t think symbian is really dead. Forget that ill-thought speech. ‘Na Jege’

  2. I’m currently using Nokia N8 as my primary phone. It’s running the latest version of Belle (unofficial) and I have no problem with it (though it throws tantrum occasionally).
    I plan to get galaxy note 2 next month. However, I’ll still continue using the N8 primarily because of its camera.

  3. I use a nokia c7 and bb9860..I still love my almost 2year old nokia its glossy finish still intact,scratch resistant still looks new.batt life better dAn d bb,app wise better too,but bb wins in browsing and social networking..I also tether with d nokia..but noticed bb cant use d wifi from my nokia jokuispot..

  4. We still have an E72, which I’m hoping to replace with a C1-03, but got an Asha 300 in the interim).

    Not my primary phone anymore but still useful to have around. Also a bit of a pain as some of the update options I would like (Facebook, Twitter, ezPDF) are readily available for the Asha series but not for older (and better models in my opinion) like the E72.

  5. Nokia 603 on Belle FP2. Awesome smartphone. I love the multitasking. It has spoilt me. Whenever i hold a droid, i immediately notice how bad the multitasking is on android. BUT Belle has some flaws. The keyboard doesn’t have Autocorrect for instance with ‘unusable’ swype being the only option and the store is half full, half empty. Yes you jave virtually all sort of apps for customization as seen on android but the options are few and the good ones are paid (not free). So user experience is mix bag. I dont like this app, but i have to live with its numerous deficiencies cause theres little or no choice. I may switch to Lumia but i need a first hand experience. Android looks more likely tho..Even if i want to use a Lumia, where are the Lumias?? Nokia should ger their acts right and sell everywhere. Dont come and dump old Lumia series in Nigeria when you fail to sell them abroad.

  6. Kindly name what Symbian or Belle device you are currently using,
    Nokia 808 Pureview

    Whether or not you are satisfied with it,
    I am 90% satisfied with my PureView

    Any challenges being faced, and how you have dealt with those challenges.
    No specific challenge. I have 6 emails connected, I have bought apps from the Store, I have Twitter, Facebook, Youtube downloadeder, Google reader, whats app, Nimbuzz and Podcast catcher, awesome video and music player, office editor& PDF etc

    I am fairly certain too that whenever your current device is due for replacement, it is not likely that you will be getting another Symbian/Belle smartphone. Will you be switching to Lumia, as Nokia would love you to do, or would you be looking elsewhere?

    Each time I think of switching I think of the things I have on PureView that is not on other flagship phones. The super awesome camera & FM transmitter. In the Camera dept Nokia is doing a good job with Lumia 920 and I also love what Samsung and HTC have done in their flagship devices.
    I have my eyes on the Top end Nokia Lumia and Samsung G Note series. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is so tempting.

    Share, praise and vent as much as you like about your Symbian/Belle smartphones.
    I have two vents, one for Steve Elope and the other to developers.
    Steve Elope killed Symbian because of the desire to make Microsoft succeed not the desire to make Nokia Succeed. What will it cost Nokia to manufacture phones on WP and Symbian. Developers have totally left Symbian but unfortunately I can’t blame them, we don’t get all the new apps games anymore.

    Symbian does not deserve to be TREATED like this.

  7. I have the N8 (with Belle Refresh) and I love the camera. I will continue to use it until that very moment when I will unbox the 808. I love taking photo(with mobile) and no nobile does it better than N8(my hat off for pureviewers pls). My only chalange with this N8 is that my BB (9810) can’t connect to the “wifi” generated by the yeye joikuspot on the N8 and it pains me very much especially now that glo BIS works very well on the N8. I am definately going to upgrade to 808PV then sell my BB add money to it and get the Note 2. I have no plan for BB10 because I went BB way just for economic reason(s)(cost of data), now that BIS works on all smartphone I don’t see the need of BB anymore(except that I will miss mobility BB group where I get tech info instantly).

  8. Still rocking my E5-00, it’s frustrating though that there are no new apps anymore. Am a bit tech savy and I have been able to make the E5-00 do things that the manufacturer didn’t envisage.

    The push email is top notch, through Joiku app its a super hotspot for my Laptop.

    But the truth is that I need something more, I need a more powerful camera, GPS capabilities more powerful processors.

    The E6 would have been the perfect replacement but………. its also old.

    Am currently waiting for a QWERTY (I detest pure touch screens) Nokia Windows phone. Nokia should hurry though because this one is taking a lot of beating now and my patience is not finite.

  9. Mr. Month thanks for the correction. Let me say that now that other smartphones(non BB) enjoy “cheap” data too, I don’t see the need for BB that much. Still love my N8 till when I am able to get 808PV and with this generic data thing, no more data “wahala” for droid device. 808PV + Galaxy Note2 are the two phones I wish to have and keep for the next 2 years.

  10. Iv got nokia E6, nice…what i rely dont like is thier wieght, il fel heavy in it. But still very nice. Hope there is a new update to come this jan 2013…an update to change the icon of belle…tnx..

  11. writing this with n8, I won’t just leave it because of it camera… planning to get bb10 with hardware keyboard or ubuntu

  12. Hello
    well, I think symbian belle is after all a very great os, and since I had it on my E7, i am pretty satisfied with all the features built in and with some third party apps downloaded later. Checking mails, gps, navigation, social networking, phot graphy and many other daily operations which can be done smoothly as in any other leading os on the market today….
    May be in the future i will consider a better camera, just because i day by day use the phone as a primary camera instead of my old Nikon..
    If a change must be done when this phone’s life comes to an end, i’ll defenetly go for a nokia’s windows phone… Probably the lumia 920

  13. Am still comfortably rocking my Nokia 701 (SP2), gat no issues with it…awesome phone indeed! I think it’s time to switch to Lumia tho. probably Lumia 720…when it finally lands in Nigeria…seriously I do not appreciate what Nokia Nigeria is doing- dumping old and obsolete phones out here;the likes of Lumia 900, 800 & 710…some of us don’t just buy phones…what’s the joy of buying a smartphone when you can’t upgrade it?

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