Village Meeting For Symbian/Belle Smartphone Users

Yesterday, our focus was on BlackBerry OS10, which will be officially announced in less than two weeks. Today, the floor is reserved for users of smartphones running the oldest smartphone OS in existence – Symbian and its newer variant, Belle. Unlike BlackBerry which has a future in BB10, Nokia’s Symban/Belle has come to the end of the road.

You know the story – Nokia killed off Symbian/Belle in a public speech about two years ago. The service of songs and burial service have since been conducted, with the last of the Symbian/Belle dynasty being the Nokia 808 PureView. Going forward from that point, while Nokia still provides software and customer support for this range of smartphones, their energies are primarily on Windows Phone now. But I reckon that there must be people who still use a Symbian or Belle OS smartphone till now, and thought to have a village meeting of sorts. The idea is to share experiences of what it is like using a supposedly dead platform till now.

Nokia 808 PureView

Kindly name what Symbian or Belle device you are currently using, whether or not you are satisfied with it, any challenges being faced, and how you have dealt with those challenges. I am fairly certain too that whenever your current device is due for replacement, it is not likely that you will be getting another Symbian/Belle smartphone. Will you be switching to Lumia, as Nokia would love you to do, or would you be looking elsewhere? Share, praise and vent as much as you like about your Symbian/Belle smartphones.

By the powers vested in me as the Last Belle Bender, I hereby declare this Symbian/Belle OS village meeting open!


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