VIP Membership

Mobility VIP membership gives you access to use our cell phone instalment payments service on a self-recognition basis. Mobility VIP is a trusted community who enjoy exclusive privileges.

Benefits of Mobility VIP Membership

As a member, you can purchase smartphones on our instalment payments service without the need for any security and without having to pay any interest on the selling price of the phone. You can spread your payments over 6 months instead of the 3 months that non-members are limited to.

How To Become A Member

There is only one way to become a VIP member, and that is to get an existing member to refer you. Ask around in Mobility Forum or on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Ask your trusted friends and connections if any of them are members. Once you are referred to us, we accept you on the guarantee that your referee knows you and can vouch for you.

You pay your first year membership fee of N20,000, and you are in. A Mobility VIP member may purchase as many phones as they desire on instalment payment in a year. However, you can only purchase one at a time. As soon as you conclude one payment, you can take up another.

Mobility VIP Membership

Enquiries about VIP Membership: Email

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