Visafone drops on-net voice tarrif to 1kobo per second

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With what has been tagged “fantastic visa bundles”, VISAFONE has crashed its on-net voice tarrif again.

According to Mr Joseph Ushigiale, the head of coperate communications, “On this bundles, customers would make Visafone to Visafone calls at less than 1kobo per second and 50 kobo per minute”.

  1. this is a greatg idea gone wrong, the price might be great for potential subscribers but in the long run unsustainable

  2. I’d be delighted only if they can drop their data bundle rates. Visa phone is quite unreliable where I stay!

  3. bosses i’ve been waiting on y’all to do a review on the glo flexi 99% discount plan..
    my biggest question is what is the cost of the call at 0% discount. really need to hear from the researches how it works.
    way to go visafone though. competition

  4. @brawse
    just checked out the glo page on flexi and it’s kinda sparse on information relevant to this package. I remember MTN did a promo like this before in 2009. It was great in my area i had 50 % discount and when am in VI it’s 70% and 90% on somedays in Saka Tinubu. I just wished glo was less cryptic about their starting tariffs for it.

  5. What about their tariff to call other networks. I don’t Visafone has the population to make this offer meaningful. What might be attractive is crashing their call rate to other networks.

    I have a Visafone that has been lying waste for about eight months now and I’m not even sure I know anyone that has the line. This isn’t much of news to me. until they can come out with a plan that can compete with Glo infinito and Airtel 2good, they might not make any headway.

  6. I just joined Glo flexi and my discount at my area in Owerri is 80%. Which should make it N3.6 per minute to Glo users.

  7. I think they should be commended for this gesture even though we know they’re like a drowning man clinging to a straw. The idea is to use this tarrif to woo people to their network.
    We know of a network that is able to afford more than this but instead chose to rip us off more with their “thank you Nigeria promo”

    Kudos to visaphone.

  8. “Martinkem, what will be your call cost to other networks? i am presently on glo infinito and my calls to other network is 15/min. is yours same?

  9. No tariff change will make big sense unless it is cheaper to other networks and the first minute kind of a thing is removed…

  10. A desperate measure to attract more subscribers. This price war they may have started, I hope they will be able to sustain it.

  11. @belushi
    It’s the same N15/min tariff to other networks. haven’t really tried out the glo to glo thing cause it as it turns out I have got few glo users as friends, the only glo number I call that frequently is my special number

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