CDMA mobile network operator, Visafone, have launched two dual-SIM Android smartphones in the Nigerian market. Advertisement The MOTO XT800 (left) is an Android 2.0 device


Visafone launches Android dual SIM smartphones

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CDMA mobile network operator, Visafone, have launched two dual-SIM Android smartphones in the Nigerian market.


Moto XT800 ZTE R750
The MOTO XT800 (left) is an Android 2.0 device with true dual standby, 3.7″ WVGA display, 5 megapixel camera, and 720p HD video capture/playback/output, and powered by a 550MHz Cortex-A8 processor. It supports one GSM and one CDMA SIM card.

The ZTE R750 (right) is also a dual-mode/dual-standby device running Android 2.1, with a 3.2″ display, a 3 megapixel camera, and powered by a 600 MHz processor. It also has support for both GSM and CDMA radio.


The R750 is being offered by Visafone for N54,999 (at least, so the Visafone website says), which sounds a bit steep. I do not have info on pricing for the Motorola device at this time.

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  2. Let the Battle for Africa begin, the white boys who make these phones always disregard the fact we all have 3 to four phones in our pockets (which none of us likes). The major manufacturers left this important goldmine to the Chinese but it seems they have found out they have to wake up. Nokia please respond LOL!!

  3. It’s a good move on the path of Visafone to offer Android phones but must they be this outdated?(Eclair). All in all a good move but you could get some Android phones like say the Samsung Galaxy Ace for cheaper and the only time this will be a bargain is if you want a dual sim android phone.

  4. Enough of this outdated phone I am heading to buy the new samsung galaxy. With dual core processor not this low processor, my blackberry even high paSs am LoL


  6. Shame they should come up with a phone with outdated software. I may have been tempted if the phone was running Android Gingerbread.

    But why can’t Nigerian carriers come out with subsidized phones? Why must they sell at cost price and deliberately try to rip Nigerians? They should copy their brothers in the

  7. You guys should take it easy about the Android version being outdated. The majority of the market do not even know what Android is and do not care.

    The phones might as well run on Android 1.6 and the main market won’t care.

    Geeks! 🙂

  8. and thats why we must keep talking and expose all these rip off pricing.little by little through platforms like Mobility nigeria our people will come to know

  9. @Yomi, touché. We young nigerians are reading too many blogs nowadays. Although I want the latest sha but this is a good start

  10. My major concern with Android phones and wide-spread usage in Africa is data consumption. Except Google makes and alternate version of the OS.
    And why is the R750 that expensive? Is it because it’s dual-sim? For the specs, it should be cheaper. It shouldn’t be more that N45k.
    I’m not a fan of any of the devices but it’s a good move, I guess.

  11. I have always wanted CDMA operators to step up, but not with these type of phones

    My problem with this is that when unsuspecting customers buy these devices they tend to believe that is what Android is about.

    I cant advice anybody to buy these devices, its better to buy Samsung Ace or the LG P500.

    Visaphone, Pls Try Again.

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