Video: The Police chase along Lokoja road

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In this vlog, I share the short story of a police chase that happened along Lokoja road on one of my road trips. Guess who was being chased. Aaaaah!

The Xiaomi Mi 4 was our original choice of recording tool, but the quality of the final video and audio was so bad that we had to shoot it again, this time using the Lumia 830. Uploading to Youtube was done using a Samsung Galaxy Pro 12.2 over a 4G internet connection.


  1. Funny though, i was thinking you would show how they were chasing you and you were running away too doing that james bond stylezzz… just kidding, dont try that with the Nigeria police, before you know it they will file something you did not even do again you. A nice video though. cant wait to watch more!

  2. Your turn up in Lokoja with your funny licence plates and funny accent and expect to be coming and going without some drama? I just dey look at you…

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