Vodafone fixed broadband offers 200GB for 200 Cedis monthly in Accra

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On my last trip to Ghana, I had a meeting at the office of my hosts. The company is headed by a Nigerian. We talked about the challenges of doing business in Nigeria. He narrated how years ago, he got up and relocated his business to Ghana after horrible internet connectivity cost him a huge job.


And then he told me of his current office connection – a 200GB bundle, and asked me to guess how much it cost. I had no clue really. He dropped the bombshell: “Just N10,000 monthly”. It sounded unbelievable. I have since tweeted a teaser about it, and no-one seemed to believe it either.

But the connection was a Vodafone ADSL fixed broadband line service. The package is Vodafone Dfownloader, and I have it on good authority from the service provider that it costs only 200 Cedis per month. That’s N11,800 monthly, at the official exchange rate when I used my MasterCard in Accra. 200GB for N11,800 monthly.

And the speed is really good. Vodafone states 12 Mbps. I didn’t run a speed test, but I downloaded several videos in quick succession and in very dark weather, without a sweat. If you are looking to setup a small business in Accra, Ghana, this sounds like an awesome deal.

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