Voice control works well if you’re Iron Man, but Ant-Man is way cooler

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You probably think that voice control is cool – whether it is using Cortana, Siri or Google Now on your smartphone or it is Tony Stark controlling his Iron Man super suit. But voice control works well if you’re Iron Man. That helmet gives you a controlled environment in which your commands can be picked up without interference.

Ant Man

Try issuing voice commands while travelling in a vehicle at 100 km/hour with your windows down. Or in a crowded, noisy place. The failure rate is epic. Once there is audio interference – and there is plenty of that in everyday interactions – voice control fails. So, it works well for Iron Man. It won’t for many others in many everyday situations.

What will work well every time is something as cool as Ant-Man’s cybernetics helmet. Cybernetics is the science of control and communication in animals, men and machines. Ant-Man’s helmet allows him to control and communicate by thought processes. No words. No levers. No switches. Just the mind. No interference whatsoever -unless Professor Xavier of the X-Men shows up.

Motorola Elite Silver front

If – or when – we do find a way to build cybernetics into smartphones, cars, homes, work and all, the Internet of things will really take on a whole new level of coolness, efficiency and convenience. Think of a wearable like the Bluetooth headset pictured above, but without the earpiece, but with a node plugged into the brain, giving you wireless control and communications of your smartphone, tablet, PC, car, home, etc, etc.

That is exactly the sort of wearable I want to be caught with, dead or alive.


  1. That is exactly the sort of wearable I want to be caught with, dead or alive.

    Stop deluding yourself, Oga.

    When you are dead, you would be wearing your birthday suit ONLY. Nothing on your wrist!

  2. All these voice control devices, I believe they work best on paper.

    Im not gonna silence everything just because I want to give my device a voice prompt.

    Im not even going to try using voice in an emergency situation. Gestures are enough distractions…voice again???

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