The Volkswagen e-Golf: its electric

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After launching the 2018 Golf recently, German automaker, Volkswagen has announced a slightly rehashed version powered by batteries only. The new Volkswagen e-Golf is an electric car and bears a few mechanical upgrades. The e-Gold 115PS BEV will go from 0 to 99.8 km per hour in 10.4 seconds and can run for 190 kilometres on a single charge. The former models have a range of only 133 kilometres. Awesome. Enjoy some photos:

Volkswagen e-Golf Photos:

Volkswagen E-Golf




Volkswagen offers a DC fast charging system on the base SE model, allowing the car hit 80% charge in an hour. There’s no information on its availability or cost (we suspect 2017 though). Will Golf lovers embrace a car running on batteries? Your thoughts, please.

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  1. The more I hear about almost evey car manufacturer turning their gaze to EV, the more I fear for the Nigerian economy.

    It can only mean oil will keep becoming more and more valueless.

    Couple that with the climate change worldwide, and the strident need to cut down on emission from fossil fuels, Nigeria is in for a very bad time unless we truly wake up. And, quickly too.

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