The Volkswagen e-Golf: its electric

After launching the 2018 Golf  recently, German automaker, Volkswagen has announced a slightly rehashed version powered by batteries only. The new Volkswagen e-Golf is an electric car and bears a few mechanical upgrades. The e-Gold 115PS BEV will go from 0 to 99.8 km per hour in 10.4 seconds and can run for 190 kilometres on a single charge. The former models have a range of only 133 kilometres. Awesome. Enjoy some photos:

Volkswagen e-Golf Photos:

Volkswagen E-Golf




Volkswagen offers a DC fast charging system on the base SE model, allowing the car hit 80% charge in an hour. There’s no information on its availability or cost (we suspect 2017 though). Will Golf lovers embrace a car running on batteries? Your thoughts, please.

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