Volvo launches self-driving garbage trucks

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A lot of automobile companies are doing research on self-driving cars. Not just vehicle makers, too: even Google has its hands in research on autonomous driving. However, not many of these companies have thought to go beyond self-driving cars. Except Volvo, that is: Volvo is taking autonomous driving to the next level, as the company unveiled its self-driving garbage trucks.

Volvo is working with Swedish waste management company Renova to start using these trucks as soon as possible. According to the company, the new trucks would help reduce accidents during waste disposal. The truck will be driven through a location by a driver first, then the GPS and sensors would map and store the details of the route. On the next visit, the driver can switch the garbage truck to autonomous mode.self-driving garbage trucks

Also, Volvo knows that reversing down a busy street is dangerous. Therefore, these self-driving garbage trucks come equipped with 360-degree cameras. This will make refuse collection safer, reduce driver’s strain and reduce fuel consumption.

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  1. Self driving truck me..? Not in naija cos if they bring it here it will miss road by itself…

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