Because individual experiences are valid, here is a chance to cast your vote for the best 4G network you have used till date.

Vote for the best 4G network you have used

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A few days ago, we published our verdict on the overall best 4G network in Nigeria in 2019, and it has generated quite some steam. Of course, individual experiences vary, but the idea of a well researched choice of the best 4G network is that on the big scale, one network outdoes the others.

Here is an opportunity to tell us which is the best 4G network that you have used in Nigeria till date. There are 11 4G LTE networks on our list, as follows:

  1. Globacom
  2. Airtel
  3. MTN
  4. 9mobile
  5. Smile Communications
  6. Spectranet
  7. Ntel
  8. InterC
  9. Swift
  10. VDT LTE
  11. CyberSpace

Which is the best 4G network you have used?

We have them all listed in our poll below. But just in case there is a new one – or resurrected one – that we have missed, we have an “Other” field that you can use to vote for such a network.

Also, feel free to use the Comment section to tell us what makes them the best in your experience.

Vote now: tell us the best 4G network you have used?

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  1. I vote for Airtel because of the overall coverage have received from the network. However MTN 4 have got the best speed so far based on my personal experience.

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