Need a VPN for Android and iOS? Try Rocket VPN

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Have you ever attempted to view a video or download an app, but get that annoying error that says “This content is not available in your region”? Rocket VPN is a free VPN for Android and iOS that gives you access to geographically restricted content, encrypts your data and protects your online privacy.

My Trial of the VPN for Android App

I downloaded and used the Rocket VPN for Android OS and have found it extremely capable. I had used similar apps in the past and not many left a god experience. Rocket VPN is easy to use and offers more options.

For example, in selecting a VPN location, it offers the option of seven (7) locations. By selecting the USA, for example, you can access web content and apps that have been restricted to the USA. Just select the location of your choice and hit the “Connect” button and the VPN connection is made.

The good thing about Rocket VPN is that it doesn’t share your connection with other users. Of course, once connected you internet usage is encrypted.

If you also use Rocket Browser with it, your internet browsing is protected and secure Rocket Browser is available in Play Store.

There’s a menu button in the top right corner of the main interface. This gives you access to do the following:

  1. pay for the app’s Unlimited subscription
  2. login to a user account
  3. set the app to connect automatically when you launch it, or
  4. report a problem, among other things

If being able to access geographically restricted apps and content is important to you, or you just need to protect yourself online on your smartphone, you should be using Rocket VPN. Click the links below to download this VPN for Android or iOS devices.

Get Rocket VPN for Android and iOS


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  1. Rocket VPN?

    Opera VPN just debuted on Android, and it is totally free too and unlimited. Free to download on the Google Play Store (42MB size)

    I have given it a whirl .. it does what it says in the box.

    Give it a whirl to compare. I would rather go with the better known company, Opera Corporation

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