We put on a VR headset for our first steps in Virtual Reality

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Yesterday at Mobility Arena, we set up an available smartphone for use with our Blitzwolf BW-VR2 VR headset. It was fairly straightforward. Here are the steps to set things up:

  1. Install a VR calibration app. In our case, we used Freefly VR. Google’s Cardboard app wasn’t available for any of the smartphones we tried.
  2. Launch the app, open up the headset and fix the phone in it, following all instructions till calibration is complete.
  3. Launch the VR app or game that you want to play. In this case, we chose to play VR X-Racer, a game in which you pilot a rocket ship through a maze of towers and try not to go CA-BOOM!
  4. Close up the VR headset and put it on to start playing.

Did I leave out anything?

Emma playing with VR headset

I gave it a go. VR X-Racer is a very basic game with basic graphics, but it was a good introduction to the world of virtual reality. The rocketship is flown using the movements of your head. To turn right, you tilt your head that way. To power up towards the sky, you lift your head up. You get the drift. I suspect that the Bluetooth controller that came in the headset’s pack can be used for control too, but we wanted to get a feel of the headset’s capabilities first.

What It Was Like Using a VR headset

Playing the VR video game felt like one was inside the game. That is the whole essence of virtual reality. I sat there at my desk turning and twisting my poor old head in every direction. Cripes! This was strange. But it was fun. Anyway, I kept crashing the rocket ship into towers. And, my neck. Oh, my neck!

Then I let Emma have the headset for a go. Trust young people, he had to upstage me. Mtchewww. He generally did better than I did, but crashed the thing ship too again and again. Crash na crash. I crashed. He crashed. If I hear him gloat….. And he also said that it was a dizzying experience.

Anyway, trust me to grab a quick video of the unsuspecting lad while at it. Enjoy this short Instagram video of Emma playing VR X-Racer:

This is @emmy_cn playing a virtual reality game, VR X-Racer, flying a spaceship through a maze of towers. ??? #VR #VirtualReality

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Somebody said Pokemon Go would be fun on a VR headset. Yeah. That’s how people end up in a stranger’s yard and get shot. Or end up walking off 3rd Mainland Bridge and into the Lagos Lagoon. Issokay na.

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  1. Funny enough the day I managed to persuade my colleague that he didn’t need a VR headset, this comes up!

    I’m still not tempted yet. And I’m not so sure people would want to play Pokemon Go on a VR headset without looking like a total lemon in public. No, VR headsets aren’t that socially cool…yet.

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