Vuvuzela lets you send untraceable text messages

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In a world where privacy is dead and infiltration is so easy, the search for secure services and anonymity is real.

A team of CSAILresearchers at MIT have presented a new, untraceable text-messaging system designed to thwart even the most powerful monitoring. Named Vuvuzela, the system has been tested with statistical guarantees. It is a little bit complicated to explain in layman’s terms, but if you are interested in all the technical mumbo-jumbo, click here: Untraceable Text Messages – Guaranteed.

Vuvuzela is not yet commercially available, but the idea is nice; innit? For example, if you ever need to disappear but remain in contact with a handful of people, it would be handy to have something like this if it works just as well in real life scenarios. And it is so basic. You just never know.


  1. If it will be connect to the internet…
    Then it’s a matter of time before someone figure out a loophole

  2. Sounds like the anonymous and encrypted are slowly trying to make their mark avoiding big brother’s monitoring.

  3. It’s all just a matter of time before somebody finds a workaround to it,they should know better than to throw out a challenge to hackers..

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