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Water (and fluids in general) is a renowned nemesis of the smartphone. As a rule, once your beloved phone takes a splash or a dunking, that is the beginning of the end of days for it. As such, I can imagine that you must be interested in a water proof or water resistant smartphone. Your friendly super hero, Super Mo, has drawn up a list of water proof smartphones that are currently available in Nigeria.

Note that while there are water proof mobiles from various manufacturers globally, at the moment, only Sony seems to be officially marketing such devices in Nigeria.

Sony Xperia ZR - Water proof smartphone:

Water proof smartphone: Sony

  • Sony Xperia V – N46,000
  • Sony Xperia Z – N66,000
  • Sony Xperia Z1 – N93,000
  • Sony Xperia Z Ultra – N99,000
  • Sony Xperia Tablet Z – N98,000

Below are other manufacturers and their water proof devices that may or may not be seen in this market.

Water proof smartphone: Huawei

Huawei is officially in Nigeria, but I have no information on the availability of the water proof Honor 3 and Ascend D2.

Water proof smartphone: Samsung

Samsung is officially in the country, but the I9295 Galaxy S4 Active isn’t being marketed here, as far as I can tell. The Galaxy S5 is water proof and headed this way though, but won’t be here till April.

Water proof smartphone: LG

Officially servicing the Nigerian market as well, LG has the water proof Optimus GJ E975W, a twin of the E975, but it does not appear to be marketed here.

A water proof smartphone is a great idea and a huge convenience. Whether it is rain or your toddler thinking it is a great idea to wash your phone, you can buy some peace of mind with one of these. All the above listed devices have a minimum IP57 certification. This means that they are resistant to dust that can mess them up and that you can dunk them in water of up to 1 meter deep for a maximum of 30 minutes. Anything beyond that, and you are on your own.

This has to be said: the same way that Nokia has built a niche for itself with smartphone photography, it is pretty much clear that Sony owns the water proof smartphone corner.



  1. Saw a review by Erica on YouTube, the Motorola moto g stayed under water for 30 mins and survived. Shall we call it waterproof too even tho Motorola didn’t state such?

    1. Mr. Appleton,

      No; the Moto G is not water proof. Here’s a clear explanation:

      Waterproof phones must undergo rigid testing and meet certain requirements to obtain certification. Components must be properly sealed to make sure water cannot get in and cause damage. Motorola did not do that. What the company did was apply a water-repellent coating aimed more for resisting small amounts of water. As Griffin discovered, the phone slightly acted up and showed signs of water seeping into the device before eventually recovering.


  2. unless. you are a Diver by profession, the Moto G method may be all required.

    But, eh, if the phone is not more expensive BECAUSE of water proofing efforts, why not?

  3. Sony make beautiful devices. I would say if I’m going to use my device outdoors a lot, I would definitely consider the Xperia waterproof range.

  4. While I agree protection against both elements are important, I am more inclined to buy a device that is dust and scratch proof. I think that fits my lifestyle more…(I am no diver nor a swimming pool-mole) since I often work outdoors. Rainfall is seasonal; dust or scratches are not.

  5. How to make any phone waterproof
    1. Pull out your phone from your pocket
    2. Put it in a clear nylon bag (the size that was used to tie “Pure water” back in the day)
    3. Tie the opening of the nylon with a piece of rubber band
    4. Voila! You have a waterproof phone

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