• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Want a free BlackBerry phone? Here’s how to get one

I’m guessing you rushed to read this post to know how to get a free phone. Who doesn’t like freebies? 🙂 BlackBerry CEO, John Chen is giving away 1 BlackBerry phone on the first of every month. Tagged as ‘BlackBerry Fan of the Month’, to win this users just have to tweet him with how BlackBerry helps their lives every day.


The series of tweets below should tell us something:





You can see, he has already awarded someone for the month of May. This is a cool move from John Chen to grow fellowship for the brand. Keep tweeting and you might get lucky.


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Etoniru Chibueze

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2 thoughts on “Want a free BlackBerry phone? Here’s how to get one”
  1. lol, he should have won a Priv, why give someone a new phone on a moribund OS? Chen is just clearing unsold phones and gaining cheap publicity

  2. Some people still want and use a “moribund OS” device. I would certainly take one if it was gifted to me!

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