• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Want a full PC- like keyboard for your tablet? Check out Clavis Keyboard

Clavis Keyboard

Are you one of those that have to carry around an extra keyboard for your tablet? Have you ever thought of the possibility of a full fledged PC keyboard on your tablet? A solution is here!! XDA user Woragh had this in mind, and developed Clavis Keyboard or tablets.

This app is a full PC keyboard designed to take advantage of the bigger screen estate in tablets. Below are it’s major features:

  • Popular hotkeys: Copy-paste-cut and select all work like on PC.
  • New hotkeys: Ctrl+G for searching selected text on Google.
  • Ctrl+M for opening a new e-mail.
  • Insert text macro 0-9 (Ctrl+Shift+Number)
  • Ctrl+I Changing first letter of the last word before the cursor from lowercase to uppercase.
  • Home (Ctrl+Left arrow)
  • End (Ctrl+Right arrow)

There are also numerous themes to choose from.
Download Clavis Keyboard HERE.


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