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I was recently going through the frequently Asked Questions section on Spinlet’s website. The basic idea of how Spinlet works is pregnant with possibilities. Here is a quote from that page:

Spinlet is active in reducing piracy and helps artists to capture revenue from their music sales. If you are a record company, artist or band with original content using Spinlet creates an exciting new outlet for music sales in Africa.

In brief, Spinlet helps artistes sell via mobile. It is the same principle that other services deploy. Take iTunes, Nokia Music, as well as the various mobile app stores, and you find this same principle. Consider that mobile is the most penetrating medium on planet Earth right now, and you can see the possibilities. Splinlet charges a monthly fee to stream music and then permits royalty to the musicians. Simple. Similar services may offer actual downloads and Gove end-users more control over the material instead of just letting them stream it, but the principle we are exploring here is clear.

If I were an upcoming artiste looking to get my works into the market, I would seriously consider mobile FIRST. I would talk to Spinlet, for example, and a host of others offering a similar service.

If I were a budding writer looking for the most cost-effective way to publish and reach the farthest, I would consider publishing my writings as an eBook available in mobile app stores FIRST. Other strategies may follow, but mobile would be my primary channel of deployment.

In a country like Nigeria where the writer or artiste often has to be his own publisher, publicist, and organiser, mobile-based publishing channels are a great alternative to the traditional route. But even on more sophisticated environments, it would still be a splendid idea to follow the strategy of mobile FIRST. A good book in Apple’s app store, for example, has a huge potential reach.

Yes; adequate publicity, especially web-based offensives, would still be required, but that is comparatively less expensive than traditional advertising. Yes; services like Splinlet need to fine-tune their search algorithms, so that it gets easier for users to find what they want. But having said and done all that, mobile is clearly a potent channel through which artistes, writers and creative people in general can get up and going quickly.

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