Want your device to charge faster? Here’s what to do

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Do you think your phone no longer charges as fast as it should? Some thing might be wrong somewhere, and could be the reason why. Here are a few things we should take note of.

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USB recommended charger and USB cable :

The first steps to getting your device to charge faster is using the recommended charger and USB cable. Chances are that when you use a different cable, your device will take ages to charge. Read more about USB here

Switch on Airplane / Flight Mode:

Airplane Mode

Check around settings and look for flight mode or Airplane mode. When you switch to this mode, all networks/connections are disabled, this makes charging faster when this mode is switched ON.

Switch off the phone:

Straight switching off of your phone will make it charge fastest. You will be surprised how fast the battery will get filled. Sadly Windows Phone users can’t enjoy this particular feature.

Please note that pressing your phone while charging is pointless. The phone gets heated up and takes in no charge.

There it is. So if you want your device to charge faster follow any of the above steps.

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