BlackBerry and Samsung recently struck a deal to promote BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in Africa, and Samsung is reported to be on a roll already with

Warming up for BBM on Android

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BlackBerry and Samsung recently struck a deal to promote BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in Africa, and Samsung is reported to be on a roll already with this with television ads already airing. Of course, the message is that BBM is coming to Samsung’s Galaxy range pre-installed. The app will also be available from Samsung’s own app store. I know that Android is largely powered by Samsung, but I really am wondering what this partnership is about, since I expect that BlackBerry Messenger will also be available in the Play Store anyway. It can’t hurt BlackBerry though that they have Samsung’s muscles marketing BBM for them. I also hope that this deal does not mean that the app will be available for Galaxy phones first, and then for non-Galaxy Android smartphones at a later date.

Of course, once BBM is available for Android (iOS), there isn’t much reason for anyone to choose BlackBerry smartphones. In my opinion, the beginning of the end for those devices. My belief is that BlackBerry is going to evolve into a services company. Well, that is one way or the other. Yesterday, news reports from The Wall Street Journal reports that BlackBerry is considering spinning off the BBM messaging service into a separate company that would be called BBM Inc. How the hardware aspect of the company will work out is difficult to say, but like fellow blogger and doctor, Chukwudi said to me earlier, if BlackBerry decides to end the hardware division, they have to keep BIS active for existing BlackBerry users or they would have to release a software update that frees the devices from their dependence on BIS.

Anyway, I have been away from BBM for ages, despite my contacts pestering me about me being missed on there. The good news for them is that I will be back on BBM as soon as the BBM for Android app is ready. Are you waiting for BBM for Android too?

  1. Mr. MO, I am seriously waiting for BBM for ANDROID ooooo. I want to enjoy the best of two worlds seriously.

  2. Whatsapp and the lesser fries sure have things to worry about. not about BBM itself (just another app), but by the fact it will come pre-installed on Samsung Galaxies.

    The power / value of a network is the square of the number of nodes in that network.

    Add existing patrons on BlackBerry BBM.. to all new Galaxies (and old ones eligible for upgrade), and you have quite a number of nodes on BBM.

    That exponentially increases its worth.

    Whatsapp is paid. BBM ain’t (for now)…

  3. Whatsapp is paid.

    I have been using whatsapp since 2010 and i have never paid for it. Even my friend who has been using it since 2008 has never paid for it.

  4. Mark, I only know of one person whose WhatsApp subscription has expired..

    I have never been asked to pay, too.

    But, that does not change the fact that the Authors say it a paid service.

  5. I still think there’s one more thing for WhatsApp in particular to worry about and that’s the fact that you can send any type of file with BBM. If that particular feature is also coming with the version for Android and iOS, then they really need to start doing something by now not when BBM must have first introduced the feature to Android and iOS. I understand that there are other instant messaging apps that have the same feature too, but they do not have the same popularity BBM or at least they are not creating similar bubbles as BBM right now.

  6. I too have been pondering the deal blackberry made with Samsung. If BBM comes to the Galaxy series, isn’t it still going to be a .apk installation which i can have run on any droid device?

    PS Blackberry kindly slash the prices of your OS 10 devices already. If you allegedly spent N24,000/device in manufacturing cost, it wouldn’t hurt to sell at 50 or 40,000 considering the state you are in.

    Shebi Mr Mo, You agree?

  7. @Khene samsung in built apks have a drama on other android phones. Remember sammy’s touchweez.. You cant install its default apks on normal android system.

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