Watch out, Intel may produce the chips for the next iPhone

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After being outsmarted in the mobile phone market (by the likes of Qualcomm and MediaTek), Intel may be up to something huge. According to reports from Venturebeat, the chip maker has set aside about 1000 workers to develop chips for the next iPhone.


The reports also claim that Intel is really focused on the project, and the chip will appear in Apple devices next year. The future of Intel in the mobile market is hinged on the success of this project.




  1. Diversification. I pray they get it right.. Since its gonna be apple.. Then they sure won’t wanna disappoint

  2. this doesn’t make sense, maybe because i don’t have all the details. Apple has been making their chips for a while and they are very good at it. Intel OTOH, are struggling in the mobile SoC space. unless Intel has some new manufacturing process (10 nm, Cannonlake) i don’t see why Apple would outsource

  3. They sure would have their reason. Division of labor has its pecks too. I guess Intel promised something promising

  4. Are you pretty sure apple makes its chips? I thought these components are sourced from different companies and apple assembles!

  5. I don’t think Apple makes their own Chips but rather source it to different makers like Samsung and TSMC,there’s an ongoing Chipgate issue about the difference in battery life between Samsung’s and TSMC’s Chips powered iPhones..

  6. Intel needs all the lifeline they can get in the Smartphone market,if this report is real it will make a world of difference in their market share in the industry..

  7. Intel is so making more money next year.

    I bet their share price would have even increased with the news of this project flying around.

  8. maybe i need to rephrase that, Samsung & TSMC do the actual production but Samsung does the design. it wouldn’t make sense to change manufacturers if Intel will use the 14 nm process that Samsung uses

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