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World Cup fever is everywhere, and football fans are rooting for their favourite teams the world over. While I am not a footie and so not following the world cup AT ALL (yes; you read that right), I am so nice that I decided to chip in with information that can help you better enjoy the world cup season on your smartphone and/or tablet.

You don’t have to miss any of the World Cup live matches just because you are out and about. DStv has made it possible for you to watch live all FIFA world cup matches live from your device with the SuperSport app – available on all major smartphone platforms:

  • Windows Phone OS
  • Android OS
  • Nokia X platform
  • BlackBerry OS
  • iOS

In addition, the app also provides match highlights and lets you post comments and chat.

You will need to be subscribed to the DSTV premium package though to use this service. But hey! You love football, and even if you only have to do the premium package for one month alone, the World Cup surely is worth the extra expenses.

World Cup 2014 on supersport

Download SuperSport Mobile App

Download the SuperSport app: Windows Phone, Android, Nokia X, BlackBerry, iOS.


  1. This one is for those with plenty data who want an exercise in frustration. Ignoring the fact that it’s DSTV, watching a whole 90+ minutes via an app? Pass.

    You’re better off with the official FiFA World Cup 2014 app or live messaging to follow a match (BBC Sport does it on their website, I’m sure many others do it as well).

  2. It will definitely consume a lot of data. IMHO, it’s not worth it. However I wanted to give it a spin since I’m already on Premium Dstv subscription. But to my horror, after installing the application and signing into my DSTV account, I tried to play a match and a popup message comes saying
    “only premium dstv subscribers can watch live matches “.
    I tried several times over 2 days but always got the same response.

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