We are giving away this iPhone 6 Griffin Ultra-Slim case

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Mobility Giveaway - Griffin iPhone 6 case

We have a brand new Griffin Ultra-Slim case for iPhone 6 here at Mobility Towers and we are giving it away fro free. You only need to answer one question correctly. Question:

What was the first iPhone model that Mister Mobility owned?

The first correct answer to the question wins. The freebie will be available for pick-up from Mobility Towers in Lagos.

The game is on! Post your answers in the comments section below.


  1. Well, just to be a spoilsport I’ll post the answer, though I sure ain’t picking up any iPhone case!
    It’s actually in fact the ONLY iPhone he’s ever owned…
    Let me refrain from revealing the answer…

  2. I don’t even need it cos I’m not in Lagos. give something reasonable and not iPhone cover. WHat on earth will i do with iPhone cover? Gossh.

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