We are super-connected – and yet so bored

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We live in an age in which we are often 10 seconds and a few taps away from entertainment and socialising. YouTube. Picassa. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. We wake up and dive into that world within moments. The whole world is literally only as far away as our smartphones are.


Now, have you ever taken time to ask yourself why, with all this access, you often get bored? Music? Check. Video? Check. Social media contacts? Check, check, check. If I got a dollar for every time someone has tweeted or shared with me how they are bored, I’d be a dollar millionaire by now.

Perhaps we are missing something. Perhaps life is not meant to be lived primarily through an interface – a gadget screen. Perhaps there really is more to life than having thousands of followers and connection on social media and watching video after video streamed.

We cannot win the battle against boredom by engaging in more passivity, which is often what our dependence on connected technology fosters. When was the last time you were bored on a day out with family or friends engaging in activities that you love? When was the last time that you were bored being a part of a team executing a dream project? When last did you get bored playing your favourite game or sports activity?

I am sure that connected technology is a blessing with huge benefits. But just perhaps there is a reality that connected technology cannot replicate or substitute. Or perhaps the human race is just really badly screwed up and boredom is ultimately what we are destined for.


  1. this line got me cracking ” Or perhaps the
    human race is just really badly screwed up and boredom is
    ultimately what we are destined for”

  2. Every Boxing Day, my friend and I go out with her children. We’ve been doing it since they were little (they’re now 16 and 17)and even those times we don’t go out, I’m expected to show face. Funny enough we often find ourselves on some device or another, often competing against each other with some game.

    Social media, a new gadget and streaming videos can never replace those real memories that have built up over the years, nor can it replace real life relationships. And as much as I love my own company, I don’t think I have time to be bored!

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