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My recent article about a possible evolutionary path for Mobility Blog certainly kicked up serious dust. We have had all sorts of comments come in – both for and against the move. In my opinion, many of those kicking against the move were only having a knee-jerk reaction. I think that they should wait to see how the experiment is implemented and then decide whether or not its a bad thing.

Don’t forget: implementation makes all the difference. But that’s by the way. That article also brought out other comments, none of which were submitted on this blog, but posted on Twitter.

Mobility: Best Mobile Blog. Or Not

One of such tweets complained that I claim to run the “best mobile blog” but that I run Mobility Blog in a less competitive way. In agreement to that, someone responded that Mobility is “rather laidback”. By that, I presume they mean that we do not do the “breaking news” thing and all sorts that some other blogs do. Perhaps it is the claim to being the best that bothers people. Okay, I recant: Mobility Blog is NOT the best mobile blog. There. Now I can be as laid back as possible.


How I Run Mobility

But seriously, how I run Mobility is strictly my business. I mean that and offer no apologies for it. I’m good at what I do and have earned accolades for it, and I will continue to do what I think is best for the blog. How it turns out will be my burden to bear. I can live with the consequences of my actions.

As I have repeated, not all blogs must do news (that being an example) to be relevant. I respect Ewan Macleod of Mobile Industry Review. I also respect Tomi Ahonen of Communities Dominate Brands. Neither of those individuals run news as the focus of their blogs. Yet, they run two of the most relevant and respected mobile blogs on the planet.

They don’t run their blogs like All About Symbian or Phone Arena. Still, they have a valid model. Compared to the latter group, Ewan and Tomi may seem laid back. Who cares? That is the model they have chosen, and there is enough room for all types to co-exist.

Lots Of Room For Mobile Blogging

I did a tweet later to point out that there is a lot of room in mobile blogging here in Nigeria, and that perhaps those who’d like to see things done differently might as well start (or sponsor) a mobile blog of their own. I mean that. I also tweeted, like I already mentioned above, that perhaps Mobility should just drop the claim to the top spot. Someone on my Twitter line seemed to get the message and replied to me: “Are there really other mobile blogs in Nigeria?”

Good question. I don’t know the answer for sure. There might be, but all I see are generic “tech” blogs with some mobile content. Nothing bad with that either. It is how they have chosen to run things at their end.

Can We Have More Mobile Blogs Here?

Mobility isn’t going to meet everyone’s mobile blogging needs. I won’t even attempt to do that. It is an exercise in futility. That means there is plenty of room for others to step in and provide those things that we have chosen not to provide here. The iPhone doesn’t meet everyone’s needs, yet it sells. Here at Mobility, we are not trying to be the all of mobile technology to all. Not by a long shot. Here, I’m mostly doing my own thing – and loving it.

So, let’s have more mobile bloggers. Let’s see things get more exciting. Let’s have more diversity. We need mobile news, we need mobile development tips and tutorials. We need all sorts! In the meantime, I will always be here doing what I have chosen to do, doing it extremely well, and loving it all the way.

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