We Now Know What The OnePlus 6 Will Look Like

The OnePlus 6 is the next “flagship killer” smartphone from OnePlus, and we now know what it will look like. Come gaze into our magic crystal ball of mobile and you shall see for yourself.

Yesterday, the Oppo R15 and Vivo X21 went official. Because OnePlus has a history of using the same design across Oppo and Vivo, which are its sister companies, we can say with a degree of certainty that the OnePlus 6 will look like these two new arrivals.

We Now Know What The OnePlus 6 Will Look Like 1

The differences will be found on the inside. Instead of the Vivo X21’s Snapdragon 660 processor or the Oppo R15’s Mediatek Helio P60 processor, the OnePlus 6 will pack the latest and greatest Snapdragon 845 and have more cutting edge features befitting a flagship killer.

Seeing as these two new smartphones have a display notch, it looks like OnePlus 6 is going down that route too. You know, because don’t settle for no notch. This is 2018, people, and the notch is hip.

Oppo R15

In summary, you can expect the OnePlus 6 to show up with a 6.28-inch notched FullView display, dual-camera, as well as glass on both front and back of the phone. And, yes; it will cost far less than the Apple X and Samsung Galaxy S9.

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3 thoughts on “We Now Know What The OnePlus 6 Will Look Like

  • March 20, 2018 at 7:24 am

    This is a lovely, after the whole spec is reveal i sure know it will worth it. This is a good alternative for those who need high end device but can’t afford Samsung and iPhone X

  • March 20, 2018 at 7:56 am

    This device will be a huge and massive one, with 6.28 inch screen size! definitely a big phone. I want to see the full specifications before giving OnePlus the kudos.

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