App Review: We tried out Shazam Lite and well…

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These days, regular apps are getting bigger in size. We have seen apps become bloated, take up lots of  RAM, and drain our phone batteries. Developers have taken note of this, and come up with solutions in the form of Lite apps. These are apps that are light weight (both in size and in the system resources they consume). They are made to consume less data and are targeted at emerging markets where network speeds are not up to par. We tried out Shazam Lite and here are our thoughts: Shazam Lite

Using Shazam Lite

The app is very light weight (just as promised). There are no extra bells and whistles. Simply tap the icon to detect the song playing. It is faster now. At the top right corner is a 3-dot menu from where you can see the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. The app just works.

Shazam Lite

What I didn’t like about Shazam Lite is that there are not enough sharing options, as I was not able to share to my favorite download app. All the same, the app is great to have as it basically serve it’s purpose. 

Download Shazam Lite here or here.

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