We Won’t Stop Rape By Hiding The Identity Of Rapists

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There are a number of rape stories making the rounds at the moment. In my private counselling sessions as well, I have also been confided in with regards rape episodes. The victims hurt. They speak out against rape at every opportunity. However, not a single one of them ever chooses to name and prosecute the perpetrator. Not one. They shield those who did it to them. Which defeats the whole purpose of any attempt to fight rape.

Imagine if robbery victims never stood up to identify culprits and have them prosecuted. What would the deterrent be? There would be almost no hope of seeing a reduction in robbery! This is the exact situation with this subject of rape. There is no hope of putting an end to this problem as long as we shield those who carry out this dastardly activity.

I understand the trauma. I understand the societal issues. I know that things can get complicated at times. However, if you have been raped and do not want to have anyone else go through that experience, you have to mention names and take legal measures to have your abuser apprehended and prosecuted. Anything less will not do.

I hate rape and I speak out against it. But speaking out alone has never achieved anything in this world. Appealing to the conscience of rapists is a useless and fruitless exercise. We must do more than just speak. Action must be taken, and it must be initiated by rape victims. Victims must do more than just speak. If you get raped, get to a police station as fast as possible. Give names! Talk to a lawyer. And please, don’t wait 2 or 13 years to tell your story. The trail would likely be too cold for anything meaningful to be done with your story. Strike while the iron is hot.

We Won’t Stop Rape By Hiding The Identity Of Rapists.


  1. I don’t really think you understand the trauma. Most victims of rape first go through a period where they feel guilty and blame themselves for getting in that situation. Apart from that the trauma in itself results in serious psychological break down. Your first reaction won’t be to get up to make a report, remember the victim is still trying to come to terms with what has occurred. There are many other issues affecting the ability to speak out during the rape period. Speaking out after a few years is mostly done by victims who have gotten stronger over the years, some might still not speak up.

    I wish the police had a department specific to rape crimes, maybe then there might be progress in the report and prosecution of these rapists.
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  2. I’m with Bosede on this. For someone to even speak of a rape that happened years before means it’s taken that long to come to terms with the event.

    The one thing they can never shake is the shame and perceived stigma of rape. If the rapist is a big man or close family friend, you can understand why they keep quiet. And going to the police? As far as the victim is concerned, they may not be taken seriously, add to that the humiliation of having to repeat your unpleasant experience to a male or unsympathetic officer.

    There should be other avenues for victims to report rape and receive support at the same time. No woman should have to go to a police station alone to report a rape. The sad thing is, by not reporting it, they have probably left others vulnerable to the same perpetrator.

  3. Let’s not forget evidence on the absence of forensics – the rapist’s word against the victim’s. Sometimes it isn’t about the truth but who is more believable.

  4. The sad thing is, by not reporting it, they have probably left others vulnerable to the same perpetrator.

    My very point. By not reporting, we also offer no deterrent. We either report and help deter, or resign ourselves only to talking and providing therapy for victims.

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