The MIcroB browser built-into the N900 is so good that there’s no point doing a regular browser review. Take my word for it that it does EVERTHING…

Web browsing on the N900 – Getting real work done

The MIcroB browser built-into the N900 is so good that there’s no point doing a regular browser review. Take my word for it that it does EVERTHING that your mobile browser can do. As such, I will be focusing on the bits that make it shine.


Copying Text; Saving Pages
The browser has a Hover Mode that allows you to activate a cursor on-screen for selecting sections of text on a web page and copy it for juse in a note or Office document, among other uses.



Web pages can be saved in their entirety, images can be saved, you can search for text on a web page, and open links in new windows.

AJAX and Javascript are no problem. This entire review was produced on my N900. I typed this using the full WordPress interface (forget about needing an app), uploaded the screenshots directly on the N900 (so full file browsing works), and published.




The Other Bits
In addition, it supports SSL, notifying you of the certifying authority when you arrive at a secure site. Pop-ups work, opening as new pages, and full Flash runs fine. The display is wide enough and the user experience smooth and intuitive, making the browsing experience worthwhile.

There is support for add-ons (think Firefox), full-screen mode, and page zooming. You can zoom by using the phone’s volume control keys, double-tapping on the display or using finger gestures.

MicroB supports text reflow (dynamic refitting of text to match the width of the display port), something which not too many mobile browsers support.

Lastly, with the new firmware, the option to enable portrait browsing is provided in the browser settings. I don’t care much for this, though I can imagine that many others want it.

Did I leave anything out?

When you think of web browsing on the N900, kindly forget about everything you thought of web browsing on a mobile phone.

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  1. The limited power of (until recently) most smartphones has always been a limiting factor to what can be done on a phone.

    With a device like the N900 with enough processing power and memory to spare, the browser on it can attempt to do more and be more..

  2. @yomi, thanks for the answer. But what of the others questions like 2) the nokia n900 having a flash drive port that can assess external flash drive or pen drive? 3) can u you used the n900 in watch dstv mobile? Thanks.

  3. Igoma,

    I answered your second question back where you asked it: no; the N900 does not support USB host.

    Question 3: No; the N900 does not have any mobile TV standard, so DStv is out of it. You need a DVBH handset to be able to watch DStv.

  4. ‘You need a DVBH handset to be able to watch DStv’
    Or, you may alternatively use the Nokia SU-33W Tv receiver. Should work with all N-series Nokias.
    15K. mtn only…

  5. Oluniyi,

    I have Firefox on my unit and have used it some. capabilities are almost totally even, a significant difference being that Firefox Mobile is more HTML 5 ready.

  6. @yomi, the nokia n900 phone is good but i wish it has a usb host and dstv tv receiver antenna it would have been best portable laptop and mobile combine. I want to can one update nokia e63 with nokia pc suits and can one upgrade the 3g of 345kbps to hsdpa that 3.5g. Presently i am still enjoying with my e63 and alternate with mtn f@slink it ok. But i need a nokia phone of 3.5g or 4g. To enjoy amazing speed when online.

  7. The layout of the keyboard is a no no for me especially to top row,if you have ever used a htc touch pro2 you can feel the huge difference. In my opinion not nokias best qwerty phone.

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