WebVR is coming; Here’s why should you care

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The term VR or Virtual Reality should not sound new to you anymore, especially if you’re a regular reader here. But in case you missed it, here’s what you should know about virtual reality, How to test if your phone is compatible, and How Virtual Reality headsets work. Today we talk about a new aspect of it called WebVR.


What is WebVR?

Put simply, this is a technology developed to provide access to browsing the web through a virtual reality device like Google’s new Daydream View headset or Samsung Gear VR, instead of through VR apps. Currently the usage of WebVR is very limited. The only supported browser is  Samsung’s Internet Browser for Gear VR. Firefox and Chrome support it too in the beta versions of their apps.

Why should you care about WebVR?

At a VR Workshop last week, Google announced they will be bring WebVR support to Chrome Android browser in January 2017. This will bring full VR browsing on all supported Android devices – not just Samsung ones. Let’s say you already enjoy watching your YouTube videos using the YouTube VR app, WebVR makes that possible from your browser, so you no longer have to switch apps.

Google is also working on another technology nicknamed “VR Shell”. This is expected to enable VR browsing on regular 2D websites. It is expect to surface mid-2017 on Chrome for Android. Microsoft claims they are working on their Edge browser to support the new technology. Oculus are also said to be working on a special browser that will be compatible with Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

This new technology adds a new dimension to the already exciting VR experience. Your thoughts, please. And don’t forget to share the article too. 

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