Starting from the year 2000 when license was granted to the likes of MTN to operate in Nigeria, the telecommunications sector of the country has

Weekend Rant: How many SIM cards will a man have?

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Starting from the year 2000 when license was granted to the likes of MTN to operate in Nigeria, the telecommunications sector of the country has gradually become robust, competitive, and life changing.


Nevertheless, MTN started operations and sold SIM cards at very exorbitant prices, before Sir Adenuga liberated us with a viable competitor in the form of GLO. You see. Then, it was only natural that each man will be monogamous with a particular SIM card or network i.e One man-One SIM.

Two more networks joined the fray Airtel, and Etisalat- which has offered users more options. Its unfortunate that one cannot totally rely on a single network to meet all his business needs, especially if it’s a kind that needs lots of communication. Hence, the need for owning more than one SIM. We can therefore propose that its natural to own 4 SIM cards- one for each network- and that’s how I roll!!

I’ve heard of people having up to 7,8, and even 10 of these cards and counting. Makes me wonder if they’re eating it. I still can’t wrap my head around the reason why someone should have such number of SIM cards. The most perplexing is the fact that some people have up to 4 SIM cards of one particular network.

What are you doing with them all? You dey carry am cook soup? Whew!! Our people have a habit of abusing free privileges. I’m thinking, “Maybe the SIM cards are so cheap, that’s why people buy and misuse them anyhow”.

Do you have more than 5 SIM cards, please do share what you use them for?


  1. I have 4 sims even though only 2 are most active but all are inside my phones.The average Nigerian has at least 2 sim cards because of network issue.This however depends on the type of job you do.Some jobs need your phone to be on 24/7.
    Also some need to be on the net always hence the need for such to dedicate 1 line only for net and browsing.

  2. I have about Seven. when you get to move around the country alot, you understand that some communities just one service provider; so you just switch at will.

  3. Of course SIM cards are valueless now.

    I went to buy a N21k tablet at MicroStation Ikeja. I was given two mtn Sims free. The guy who accompanied me also got one . The Sims got registered right there.

    Can’t track how many Sims I have. but should be close to ten now.

  4. How many SIMs I have versus how many I use are different things. Personally I have two that I use, but we have about another three floating around the house. One SIM, if I remember correctly, was bought because we wwere supposed to transfer the number to it because the original SIM was faulty. Turns out the original SIM was fine so that became a spare (and subsequently my) SIM.

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