Are you a fan boy or a platform agnostic?

Another weekend is upon us. It is another time for us to ponder and rant on mobile and tech issues. Today, we’re looking at the concept of platform agnosticism. What does it mean? How does it affect our lives? Follow me as we explore.

Who is a Platform Agnostic?

Techopedia defines platform agnostic as follows:

  • A platform agnostic product runs equally well across more than one platform.
  • ..the term refers to user choices. For example, users that are true believers of a given platform may refer to radically different platform users as platform agnostic.

From the definition above, we can deduce that a platform agnostic is a user or group of users that patronize “radically different platforms”.


We may define platform agnosticism as a state of mind where you accept any platform or device for the good things it has to offer. You embrace it for it’s strengths and/or weaknesses. You are one that doesn’t discriminate or hate on users of other platforms or go as far as regarding others fools for making their radical purchase/decisions.

If you’re a techie, a phone freak, or gadget lover like me, you love gadgets and how they make you feel. Then two patterns may ensue. I’ll describe the two scenarios below:

You find yourself buying a particular class of device, having very similar traits, running similar software, emanating from a particular manufacturer.

You find yourself buying gadgets from any brand that appeals to you. You may own a whole range of devices from various manufacturers, running a variety of software. You want to have that “change of environment” experience with your gadgets. You buy to quench a thirst or satisfy a curiosity.

If you find yourself exhibiting traits of CASE 1, then you’re probably a fan boy (Android fan boys, anyone?).  If you find yourself following traits of CASE 2, then you may yet be the platform agnostic.

Problem of Fan boys

Fan boys use just one platform or devices from one manufacturer. Their eyes can’t see anything from any other brand or running any other software. Sometimes even when it is clear another out there maybe better. They follow blindly, and can be very vocal with their assertions.

Fan boys are bad for phone recommendations, because they aim to bring everyone into their fold. They believe as far as it works for them, then it should work for every other person.

Problem of Platform Agnosticism

The platform agnostic has his problems too. He likes almost every gadget that comes his way. Were it not for financial constraints, he would have a taste of every device that catches his fancy. He runs a loss because of having to buy and do away with these devices.

People call him crazy, a phone freak. Ibo’s will call him, “Onye Ara phone!!” 😆 (I’ve been called that countless times) “How many phones you wan use?” they always ask him.

Another problem with platform agnostics. People suddenly assume you’re rich. Flip out two smartphones, and they be like, “Big boy !!”, “Big Man!!”, “You get money!!”. They suddenly conclude you have a reservoir of cash from which you dip in to purchase your choice gadgets. Without knowing the reverse might just be the case. Diaris God !!

On the bright side, there are joys to being a platform agnostic. You know gadgets, what ticks and what doesn’t. Your curiosity is always satisfied with any gadget or platform you get to use. You’re the ideal go-to guy for phone recommendations, because you’ve been at the other side and know what it feels and tastes like. Unlike the unidirectional fan boys that believes one size fits all.

Now over to you. Are you a fanboy? Or Are you a platform agnostic? Your thoughts.

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