Apps are are the life blood of any operating system. In simple terms, any platform that doesn’t offer users a good number of apps to

Weekend Rants: Why It feels so wrong to own a BlackBerry now

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Apps are are the life blood of any operating system. In simple terms, any platform that doesn’t offer users a good number of apps to use ,is better off dead. The case of BlackBerry has been raging on for years, and I must admit, there has been occasional glimmers of hope. Unfortunately, this fight for survival is corroding into a deeper well the company, as well as her users, are finding hard to get out from. It is a sorry situation really.


A few weeks ago, WhatsApp announced they would be ending support for Windows 7 phones and all BlackBerry platforms, including BlackBerry 10. That last part troubled me. Come on. This is a platform that just came out a few years ago, with good number of people still using it – say 1% of smartphone users.

I used to be proud of WhatsApp for one thing. Of all other apps and developers, they still maintained support for older devices and platforms. Imagine where people using the old Java and Symbian devices still enjoy WhatsApp, and still receive regular updates. That was commitment and a good spirit of carrying every one along, so it really hurts to see such news coming from same WhatsApp.

Just yesterday , another blow came along. Facebook joined the list of people ditching BlackBerry, by relegating their app to a web link. Sigh. Who would join next?

After reading this article published by BlackBerry It is clear to see that BlackBerry is almost dead and gone. After begging Facebook and WhatsApp to restore their services they refused. Hence, asides owners of the Priv, it’s quite sad to be a BlackBerry owner right now. I heavily sympathize with you guys, because I’ve been there so many times.

At a point, I even wanted to analyse,” Windows Phones and BlackBerry, who would die first?” But with the new developments, it appears Windows Phones still have some lengths to go before facing oblivion. In fact, I’m currently looking to cop a BlackBerry Z30, though I’m already having double minds about it. Take heart my brethren. It shall be well.

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  1. I think we’re moving towards a 2 OS world. I’d say get the BB, it’s got the cheapest data plan, it supports android apps so you could just install Whatsapp and Facebook from the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. As for Windows Phone, the owners are even serious about it

  2. Blackberry, as an OS (not necessarily as a device manufacturer) will eventually be ‘berried’.

    I had no doubt about this.

  3. I was surprised when I saw the facebook app update trying to get out of my hub this afternoon. I was like, really?

    As it is, the OS is gradually been strangled. W have to admit that. And while I may be a BlackBerry fan, I’m not of android.

    And Yea, maybe we are moving towards a 2-OS world…Android and IOS.

  4. I loved the OS. For one thing and that was its smooth n fast multitasking … The fastest in the whole mobile world but sadly bb10 is going to die

  5. Change,that’s all..the only constant thing in life..OS come and go,BlackBerry just like Symbian is a dying Platform..

  6. BlackBerry has given it a good run, and the Priv sounded the death knell of BB10. I have no intention of giving up my BB Classic. I had a lot of trouble getting it after selling my Q10 so I’m staying put, as I’m sure it will be a great backup phone. It allows me some of Android without the platform, for which I am grateful.

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