Shout out to all those that have smart phones and use them just for making calls and sending texts. I bring you greetings from the

Weekend Rant: Must you use a premium device?

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Shout out to all those that have smart phones and use them just for making calls and sending texts. I bring you greetings from the gods of mobile, and they promise to exchange it with a Nokia torchlight phone that will better meet your needs.

iPhone 6

Sarcasm aside, It bothers me, why someone should carry a flagship device for instance a Samsung Galaxy S5, and use it for just calls, SMS and the occasional WhatsApp. A cheaper mid or lower end smartphone can still serve the same purpose na!! πŸ™‚ .

Most of the time, this set of people don’t know a quarter of what their phones can do. Always bringing it to techie guy (like us) to help in doing specific things in the phone. When I see such people I ask (in my mind), β€œMust you use a premium device?”

Why not rather buy a feature phone that can still meet your needs, which you can easily use without always seeking assistance. Person just carry unnecessary wahala put on top im head all in the name of carrying a premium device πŸ™„ . I pray the gods of mobile forgive you of this sacrilege.

This issue even raises a bigger question. Why did you buy your phone in the first place? To achieve social status? To flex with it? Or to meet your basic needs of making/receiving calls. Your thoughts.


  1. Ah Elroy Elroy Elroy. This is Nigeria, but people have different reasons for buying:

    Some people buy the hype, buy the product and then just stick to the familiar.

    Some buy because “people have it and say it’s good” but will never do more than call and text on it. They know who their competition is and they have the right device for the circles they move in.

    Some people simply haven’t been made aware of or aren’t interested in the potential of their phone…until they need to do a particular thing.

    So in answer to your question, people have premium phones for a number of reasons.
    I have a suggestion for you; next time someone comes to you with their premium phone to do something relatively simple, why not ask them (casually, not accusingly), why they got their phone? Collate the answers – that’s another article!

  2. I think you may need to do an opinion poll on this topic.The feedbacks you get will interest you.But trust Nigerians a lot of them like to belong to the camp of the Samsungs,iphones,blackberry etc of this world.

  3. Please don’t limit it to Nigeria alone, people in even the almighty USA still buy these devices for status symbol.

  4. In Nigeria, phone is more of a status symbol. It’s a class thing. It’s just very few people that know what they can do with their phones and go ahead to use those FEATURES.

    I know these men that’d always buy flagship phones, one carries about like 5 or more phones in his car and all I know he does is make/receive calls and messages.

    Meanwhile, some guys are here needing those phones but can’t get them because cost…

  5. status symbol, advert, hearsay. could actually know d power of the phone but b too ‘busy’ to pimp it

  6. My wife owns a Note 8… Not sure she has removed the pen to do anything once! Most she does with it is surf, take pictures, download pictures, watch video messages… I decided on doing a phone upgrade for her recently and I acted smart and maybe frugal too by getting her an Infinix Hot πŸ™‚ She’s most of the time on WhatsApp communicating with her clients (She even refuses to use the installed & configured BBM for whatever reason)… It wouldn’t have made any sense getting a mid-range phone for her not to talk of “premium”! Premium here referring to “Price-Premium” But some people must just use the “best” even when they can hardly afford such.

  7. The phone upgrade referred to above not the Note 8 (which isn’t a “phone”)… She still has that.

  8. It isn’t his money but it becomes his headache when they bring the phone to him to fix/set-up/install something.

  9. Interestingly those of us that are in love with specs and power of phones are not able to afford one while many who can afford dont really have time to sit down and explore the world of these premium phones.

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