Weekend Rants: Do we need another IM/Chat or Video call app?

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If we announce that Google is preparing to launch two messaging apps, Allo and Duo. How many of us would be interested to install or use any of them? Chances are that even after installing, it fades from our memories after a day or two of use.
The two apps in question:

  • Allo is a chatting/IM app, claimed to be smart enough to reply your messages. It also features a Google assistant, helping users find information, and get things done.
  • Duo is a video chat app – claimed to be optimized “to work well even on spotty networks”. It also seamlessly transits between cellular and Wi-Fi use, while also offering secure end-to-end encryption.

Aren’t we already tired of trying yet another chatting app? For most of us here, we can attest to having nothing less than 5 accounts or more, scattered among several (similar) apps. Let me try recall mine: I have an account with KingsChat, imo, Viber, Skype, Qeep, 2go, Badoo, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ,BBM, WhatsApp, and many others I can’t recount – Snapchat & Pin Interest still beckons.

Do we need yet another chatting app? Is a new chatting app, what would solve the world’s current problems? This looks more like a shot from Google to copy strategy from Facebook Messenger. Having a bite of the chatting app market – a sector where they don’t have a strong foothold yet.

Google should rather find a way of unifying the scattered messaging platforms they already have, rather than this Allo & Duo joke. Personally, I’m not moved to install and try these apps except for review purposes. Do you think these new apps are a waste of time & resources? Your thoughts.


  1. Do you think these new apps are a waste of time & resources?

    Exactly, a waste of resources. Google has the money to throw into projects, on a whim.

    No.. I am not bothering with this their latest attempt.

    WhatsApp will soon conclude on the implementation of Video calls (final touches being applied), and that’s good enough for me, and s billion others….

  2. Once WhatsApp integrates the video calling feature ….The circle would become complete.

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