The weekend is almost over and I thought, “Hey why don’t we rant about something? We’ve missed our weekend rant episodes for a few weeks

Weekend Rants : One problem I have as a Techie

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The weekend is almost over and I thought, “Hey why don’t we rant about something? We’ve missed our weekend rant episodes for a few weeks now. Apologies for that. For this week’s, we look at one (funny but) annoying scenario I always find myself in.

Confused-geekSometime ago, while working on my laptop, my phone buzzed. It was a ping on BBM. I never liked my phone vibrating whenever a ping arrives, so I picked it up, scrolled to BBM settings and disabled it. What then caused this ping? Ok! One of my friends wanted to find out something from me, and here’s how our conversation proceeded:

Chibex, Please Blackberry Z30 and Innjoo which one is better?”

The question turned my brain 360 degrees. I had to pause for some seconds to recollect myself.

Which Innjoo?“, I replied, with an glum look on my face.

HD1“, he answered.

Rephrased properly, this question should go like this, “Which is better between the Blackberry Z30 and Innjoo HD1?”

I found this question very difficult to answer. If you think broadly, you’ll know reasons why. A typical Android fan boy would blatantly say the Innjoo One is better. But then, there are other factors at play here. Looking at both phones more objectively, the Blackberry Z30 beats the Innjoo One on many fronts : Camera, audio quality, hardware etc. The only thing going for the Innjoo One is the mere fact that it runs Android, and maybe because it’s cheaper.

I thought of how to explain these concepts in the chat box, then another thought came in ,” Maybe the user of this device would determine the appropriate answer“.

I then asked him, “You wan buy am?”

No; someone wey get Innjoo said it’s the best in the market now“, he replied.

I launghed hysterically 😀 SMH!! Typical Android fan boy speaking. This somewhat settled my mind.

I then replied, “It’s cheaper, so people like it, but this still depends on what you want to do with the phone“.

And there it was!! A perfect response. My friend was satisfied and my troubled mind got to rest. The typical user can ask very (simple looking but) cunning questions. Sometimes I wonder, maybe I know too much?

Why would you be pitting toghether two extremes and wanting to know which is better? Feels like someone asking me, Garri and Semovita, which is better? Ahhh!! *scratches head*

Have you ever faced this kind of situation? How did you wriggle out of it?


  1. Oh! If I had a dollar for every time I’m asked this sort of question… What I do is to give a brief track record of each device, if I don’t know that then I compare specs and let the person decide for themselves which is better.

  2. Prince Elroy, na your too much knowledge dey do you. Too much knowledge can make one ignorant, and make one look for complexity in simplicity.!

    The answer to the question your friend asked is simpleX. Blackberry is dead (or would soon be). What has the living got to do the dead? Of course the lowliest smartphone running Android is better than a terminally ill Blackberry (even if it is a Passport or Priv).

    That’s ALL!

  3. I don tire… If in d mood I’ll answer but if not Na saka sure pass. This thing is simple, Google d shii, know a little then pit the two n decide for yourself according to ur needs/wants, my taste ain’t your taste, u big baby

  4. Mehnnnnn…eyebeekayyyyyy…I actually read your response before looking at the author and voila…the number one android fanboy on mobility. 🙂

    Your response oozes fanboyism. As dead as BlackBerry seems to be to you, it’s still better than any injoo in the market, that I know of. Build quality, audio quality, camera, etc.

  5. Choice based on required use/function… Bb might b of sturdy build et all but to some it’s of no use n would prefer a wiko or some shii tecno. Like jes saw a friggin beautiful lumia, but that’s as far as it went for me, knowing it doesn’t suit my functions need

  6. lol, this is a trick question, i never answer
    i always do the Nigerian thing and “answer” with a question (or questions actually)

  7. Lol, it may be a trick question o but I always add sentiments to the facts anyway. Like in ds instance, I will so diss my pal for even considering injoo or comparing it wt a BlackBerry in d first place. 🙂

    For instance, My friend just dropped his lg G4 in d water and got it fixed but no better anyway. He asked for my opinion abd I instantly recommended classic…because he had complained about how large my passport was in the past 🙂

    But it seems my guy has his mind made up on a samsung note sha. And doesnt want to be drawn in to my BlackBerry world.

    Trick/noTrick, go’head and say what you feel 🙂

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