Hello everyone, it’s another weekend, a time for us to rant on something going wrong on the mobile phone space. I’ve been down with malaria

Weekend Rants: Is this R.I.P to the earphone jack?

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Hello everyone, it’s another weekend, a time for us to rant on something going wrong on the mobile phone space. I’ve been down with malaria these few days, but thankfully, I’ve regained a bit of energy to share this with us. Today, we rant about the imminent disappearance of the earphone jack.

No earphone jack

I’ve earlier shared a post asking if the loss of the earphone jack a gamble worth taking? The rumors making rounds sound so real, that the next set of smartphones are coming without our popular earphone jack. It was also rumored that the next iPhone would exclude the port. Though we have heard that this moved is pushed by the urge to make thinner phones. In a bold move, the brand LeEco launched 3 smartphones all excluding the port. In replacement, they made a pair of headphones that use the USB – C port.

As if that wasn’t enough, Motorola have announced the Moto Z and the Moto Z Force – two classic phones that lack the earphone jack. Gradually this trend is picking up steam, and if Apple joins in it would definitely go mainstream (Experience has taught that this sure banker). Honestly, it is sad to see our beloved earphone jack go away. Currently, there are no options for replacements, but the likes of Motorola bundles an adapter that converts the USB Type-C port to accept the regular earphone jack.

We know that as soon as the USB Type-C ports gain more traction, the former would be left for dead. Is this R.I.P for the earphone jack? Or is this a blip that will fade away soon? Your thoughts.

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  1. As long as there are aftermarket converters, is this really a bother?

    Standards go, standards come, ..life continues..

  2. d use of converter Jes sounds like one can’t listen to music n charge phone or otg. annoying I daresay

  3. Removal of headphone jack will be for flagship devices for now I would think.

    It will be some time before it’s removed from the mainstream, bearing in mind that it would affect the all headphone makers for whom the majority of their devices are wired. As it is, some of the better headphones have a bluetooth and wired option but they aren’t cheap, so I’m not sure who removing the 3.5″ jack would benefit most. Open the floodgates for “cheap” bluetooth headphones and earphones to replace their equally cheap (but mostly awful) wired cousins?

    We’ll have to see from the sales figures for the Moto Z if it has worked in their favour or not.

  4. She’s been over five decades. She’s has to let her offspring take over. But she won’t be dead quite yet, cheaper phones will make use of.

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