Hello Mobilistas. It has been long we had one of our Weekend Rants. 2016 is almost over, and I thought to drop my last rant


Weekend Rants: Tech Trends you must drop in 2016

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Hello Mobilistas. It has been long we had one of our Weekend Rants. 2016 is almost over, and I thought to drop my last rant for this year. We have seen and experienced a lot this year. Some of which we carried along, and some others we dropped. Today we look at some of the general technology trends of the past that should be dropped as we approach a new year.



Trends OEMs must drop

If we will be honest with ourselves, some OEMs have been naughty this year. I will list some of the funny things they did. I won’t mention names; they know themselves:

  • One launched a phone this year, phased it out this year and released a successor this year.
  • One other brand launched a smartphone running Lollipop and 1 GB RAM this year, and claimed it is a flagship. God is watching you 🙁
  • One launched a new device and preferred to give random non-techie people – instead of tech bloggers – to review.
  • Another one claimed their camera was better than that of an iPhone. If I hear 😛
  • Many of them misled media people to attend events that ended up being unproductive.

If you are an OEM or brand representative reading this, and your principal is guilty of any of these sins, please weigh on them to stop and drop it with 2016.

Trends users must drop

I have made it a habit to beg and plead with people to not buy any gadget in 2017 without doing their personal research. Google the device you have in mind. Read the specifications. If it sounds too techy, ask someone you know for advice or a better recommendation. Please don’t just buy any gadget blindly in 2017.


Users please try to support your techies in one way or the other. Their jobs are not easy. One very common scenario is that you ask someone who sells phones for recommendations and advice. After he helps you with you with his expertise, you go elsewhere and buy the device. That’s a bad habit you should drop in 2017. If you realize that your geek sells gadgets, after seeking his expertise, do him well to buy from him. Supporting his business is the least you can do.

Stay Blessed. Stay Focused. All of us at Mobility Arena wish you a prosperous New Year ahead. Cheers.

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  2. Trends YOU should drop in 2016: Not posting weekend rants every weekend… Except if it’s now monthly rants😩😩😩

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