Welcome Nokia Camera. Goodbye Nokia Pro Cam And Nokia Smart Cam

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Nokia Camera

Do you remember my article, Lumia festival of cameras: Nokia Pro Cam, Nokia Smart Cam, and Smart Shoot? In that article, I said:

This article focuses on three camera apps developed by Nokia – Nokia Pro Cam, Nokia Smart Cam, and Smart Shoot. If you have found yourself confused about these apps, relax; you are in good company. I have been a bit confused too, and I know a handful of Lumia users who have their heads spinning and wondering what’s what.

Well, it turns out that Nokia has gone and made things simpler for all of us. They have released a new camera app called Nokia Camera – and it replaces both Nokia Pro Cam and Nokia Smart Cam – combining their capabilities in one app. Awesome. I installed it on my Lumia 920 yesterday and went through it. It looks pretty much like what Nokia Pro Cam used to look like, so those who are already familiar with that are in good territory. The features of Nokia Smart Cam have been added in an on-screen menu and easily accessible.

Nokia Camera is available for Lumia 9xx and 10xx devices. To download, go to the Store on your device, and search for Nokia Camera under the Nokia Collection. It is a 12 MB download. Or simply use this link.

Good one, Nokia! Now, I am off to shoot some more amazing photographs….

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