Wake up and shine! It is the dawn of a new day!! This is to thank everyone who was a part of this blog in

Welcome to 2011

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Wake up and shine! It is the dawn of a new day!!


This is to thank everyone who was a part of this blog in one way or the other all through 2010 – readers, active participants, advertisers, sponsors, phone store customers, partners, my team members – everyone – and to wish you all a properous year ahead.

Let’s make it happen again – and better – this year!

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  1. Happy new year to everybody, Mobility Nigeria has been a home online. Here is wishing that 4G that is 10times faster than real 3G comes to Nigeria GSM networks this year.

  2. Thanks yomi and mobilitynigeria for living up to the world standard in a local platform as ours.
    Indeed the new year-2011 would be a year packed with mobile activities unprecedent.
    I know this because I will be an active player.
    Shukran! jamil jiddan

  3. hello Yomi, here’s wishing you, your family and everyone at Mobility Nigeria a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year filled with all you wish for 🙂

  4. Happy new year to Yomi and the Mobilitynigeria team. I pray you attain greater hights this year

  5. I am delighted to have been here. MobiltyNigeria has placed an indelible mark on me. I was the proverbial prodigal son, in that, I use to like gadget a lot, but somehow went in search of the goodLife. So to speak. Am back.

    Let’s make #2011, especially the first quarter an exciting onr for us all.

    For those Interested in an N8, It is a great bite. My one week romance with fone was funm

    In my usual fashion, let’s have a PHONE holiday. *where PHONE means FUN.

  6. Mobilitynigeria.com was the best thing I discovered online in 2010. It has been truly enjoyable, educative, & inspiring to be a part of its online family and doing business with it.
    Here’s wishing to a better mutual relationship in 2011.
    May 4G be activated by at least 2 networks this year.
    May we see an interesting tussle between netbooks, tablets & top smartphones.
    May we see an even more interesting tussle between mobile OSes.
    May I own the Nokia N8, Ovim tablet, and at least 2 new gadgets before 2012.
    May iPhone 5 not spark a new, annoying craze this year.
    May more smartphones be manufactured “GREEN”
    May I live to see 31/12/2011 and tick off this list of mobile desires.
    Happy 2011, guys. Let’s make it happen. Cheers!!!

  7. Happy new year to you guys..i remember the first article i read on this site sometimes in april i think..it was talking bout nokia n8..and since then have not looked back..i always come here max of 24hours interval and i get so annoyed when yomi hasnt posted something new..lol..anyway its been fun guys and i long for more of it..all the best!

  8. Yomi, wishing you and everyone at Mobilitynigeria a prosperous 2011.

    The past year has set the pace for this year and it is obvious that this shall be an eventful year with lots of achievements. May God grant you the strenght and the ability.

    I wish to thank Mobilitynigeria for making a lot of impacts in my life in yr2010. My running websites and a samsung bada OS phone are just few of the benefits derived from being a part of this site. Am sure others have similar stories to tell.

    May the winds be at your back. While serving others, may your own rewards never elude you. You shall prosper in this business more than you can imagine.


  9. I wish Mobility Nigeria and everyone here a happy New year and the best of 2011!

    Also say AMEN to Spacyzuma’s prayers above.

    Cheers everyone!

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