How well is BBM doing in the Middle East?

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Last week, we brought you figures of how well BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is doing on the African continent. This week, we bring you figures from the Middle East.

– Over 42 million registered users.

– Over 35,000 installs daily.

– Over 320,000 BBM Channels created so far.

– Top two markets are United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.

– Over 30 million visits to the BBM Shop per month.

– Over 50 million ad requests per day.

– Over 430 million BBM messages daily

The Middle East is a very much more active market for BBM than Africa. Any surprise there?


  1. Emerging and middle-income economy.

    I just pray it’s not terrorists cells that are thriving on the BB platform in that corner of the world

  2. Interesting to note that you’ve mentioned messages per day here and not in the BBM in Africa section.

    And looking at the stats for both, use in the Middle East exceeds that of Africa except for BBM Channels.

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