We’re in an era of Selfies!!

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Believe it or not, like it or not, its here. We are now in a selfie-taking generation. Whenever you see a crowd, of young folks gathered, you’ll see one or two taking and sharing selfies. Before we proceed, What is a selfie?

Dictionary.com defines “selfie” as a photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera or a front-facing smartphone, tablet, or webcam, especially for posting on a social-networking or photo-sharing website. If you notice, on social networks and photo sharing apps like Instagram you see people uploading pictures of themselves with different kinds of duck faces. Cool isn’t it? Phone manufacturers have contributed somewhat, Sony launched the Xperia C3, tagged ‘selfie phone’ with a 5MP front facing camera, HTC One (M8) as advertised, is a selfie lover’s dream with its 5MP front camera sensor that has f2.0 wide angle lens to include all your friends( this can capture even pimples on their faces)smile emoticon . It also includes a timer switch and touchup feature to make you look good.
There’s also news on the internet that Microsoft is about to launch a selfie phone with a 5MP front facing camera. Tecno too has joined the party, their upcoming Phantom Z comes with a 16MP camera and a whopping 8MP front facing camera with flash all dedicated for selfies!!


Even this brother here took out time to take a selfie during one of their Hindu festivals razz


Governments seems to also be part of the growing selfie trends, for example in Japan, special stands are built and located in popular spots that allows you to leave your smartphone there so that you can capture a selfie, now how about that? So before you get dressed and leave your home today, remember to pause, flip out our phone and take a selfie cool

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  1. ¶¶ Singling….n Ebenezer Obey’s voice…

    Vanity upon vanityyyyy..

    all is vanity, vanityyyyy

    Self glorification, self edification, self deification,

    No; am not part of that motley crowd..

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