What 2013 flagship smartphone would you buy?

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If you had funds available to you right now, what flagship smartphone would you put that money into acquiring? Options available:

– Samsung Galaxy S4
– Nokia Lumia 1020
– TECNO Phantom A+
– BlackBerry Q10
– Apple iPhone 5
– HTC One

Which of the above dudes and babes would you splurge on?

  1. It’s between the HTC One and the S4 for me. I think the phantom is quite affordable. But honestly why do smaller sized phones not get any high-end love? The idea of carrying a huge phone in my pocket is really creeping me out

  2. you see people buy tecno only for afordability, nothing else. wired lying though, tecno likes it so

  3. Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 1020.

    Towards end of the year, must be the Galaxy Note 3…the beast to come.

    Really, we will all be spoilt for choice before this year winds up. LG G2 is an approaching innovative wonder. Moto X will be an adorable Android jewel. HTC Max has a big surprise in store. iPhone 5S will steal some thunder. Sony Xperia Hounami prepares to amaze us with camera miracles. And of course, Galaxy Note that blazed the trail of the phablet revolution will roar back soon with a thunderous 3rd grand slam.

    Indeed, we shall be OVERWHELMED as all phone brands put their best feet forward. Interesting times are ahead!

  4. The list seems incomplete…
    I’m waiting to choose between the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Sony Xperia Honami, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One Max (T6).. these are the real contenders…

  5. I already splurged on the q10.i couldn’t live with myself using a full touchscreen phone for the next one year. That would be punishment mehn considering that I also use a nokia pureview.lol
    By the way, the guy that’s waiting for Sony xperia ultra, guess what, the phone doesn’t have a camera flash. Lol. That’s such a dealbreaker for me.

  6. Please are the tecno phantom a and phantom a + different products @mister mo?

  7. Nelson,

    Yes; they are. From what I read online, the A+ has a quad-core processor and Jelly Bean 4.1.2, as against the A’s dual-core processor and Jelly Bean 4.1.1

  8. I’ll go with the SGS4.

    I’d also love to have the LG Optimus G2. From the sneak-peaks I’ve been reading so far, I do think its a promising device.

  9. From your list, the gods will slap me if I choose anything other than HTC ONE.

    My pick will definitely rollover to MOTO X when it makes it debut.

  10. Mine would be the Lumia 1020 and if that wasn’t available I’d settle for the Lumia 925.

    Second place is a toss up between the HTC One and the Q10.

  11. If I absolutely must the Iphone 5 will do. Save from that nothing on the list rocks my boat sufficiently to induce drooling……and tears.

    The xperia Z/ZL would have though.

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