I am not a fan of Apple, iOS or the iPhone. That does not mean however that I do not recognise their sterling qualities. Apple

What a software update notification should be like

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I am not a fan of Apple, iOS or the iPhone. That does not mean however that I do not recognise their sterling qualities. Apple is currently pushing out the iOS7 update to millions of iPhones around the planet. I have a screenshot of the iOS7 software update notification for the iPhone. Have a look:


Notice the following:

1. Apple clearly states what the update brings to the table – at least the most prominent features
2. Note the flowery language. Even a software notification is an opportunity to hype
3. Note that the notification tells you the size of the update. No room for guess work
4. See that button that says “Learn More”? Even more information for whoever is interested

Apple does a lot of things well. This update notification provides useful information that carries the user along, even inspiring him. Full marks. In contrast, some of the competition offer no information when notifying users of an update.

Yes; this is a sub to Microsoft and Nokia who are also pushing out Windows Phone GDR2 and Lumia Amber updates at the moment. If you own a Windows Phone smartphone, you know that your update notification is the exact opposite of this one here – it tells you nothing but the fact that a software update is available for your device. Have a look at the Lumia Amber update notification that I got:

Amber - 920 - Notification

See? This Windows Phone notification tells you exactly NOTHING.

I have been told that there are Windows Phone users who after updating are saying the the update added nothing to their devices. I don’t blame them. There are very good additions in the Amber update especially, but how will anyone know what to look for? Microsoft and Nokia desperately need to copy Apple on this one. Honest.

  1. Hmm. yeah. this is sure worth emulating by competition.

    but. wait. I can think of two reasons why Window phone and Android update notifications would be terse, while the Apple one would be this way:

    1) i iOS for Dummies… iOS is made. for the non Techies. It goes along nicely with Apple’s culture of a walled garden where rules. notifications and directions are spelt out unambiguously.

    2) iOS does not do much… the OS Authors have enough time for fripperies and ostentatious commenting and documentation.

    in my years iof programming, getting programmers to add cooments to their programming codes has always been a boring task. The actual code is the excitement.


    # hides under a bushel to avoid iSheep Chemical Weapons..

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