What Accessories Do You Use The Most With Your Mobile?

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As apps extend the value of our mobiles on the software side, so do accessories extend their value on the hardware side. Does your mobile have tinny loudspeakers? Buy better external speakers or get a superb earphone. Is its battery life crappy? Buy an extended battery as a replacement, or buy an external power pack. Is your mobile looking plain and unattractive? Pimp it with a tasteful case or if possible change the covers.

How about the usual suspects – those essential accessories that we use every day and so no longer deem as special? An example is the good old micro-USB cable. Then, there’s the ubiquitous microSD card. Ah, but it would not be fair not to mention the must-have charger. Of course, everyone uses that, so we can safely leave it out of the discussion. I mentioned it for honorary purposes.

Is there a day coming that we will be able to boost the RAM or processor on our devices by means of hardware the same way we are able to boost available storage at the moment by means of a microSD card? Don’t laugh. The world of mobile is crazy, and someone might just give it a shot.

Anyway, back to what technologies are available now, how do you enhance your mobile hardware? What accessories do you use the most with your mobile?


  1. I use the earphones regularly and also external speakers. I’m not into covers but if the SDCard is also considered, then I have 32GB presently on my phone.

  2. Micro USB cable and headphones. I don’t listen to music on my radio (separate MP3 player with better battery life for that), but I do listen to radio often on my travels.

    I used to tote around a spare battery, but now will get me one of those battery charger things which will save me wandering around with the USB cable…maybe?

  3. my Bluetooth earphones basically. I listen to music a lot and multitask while at it. thinking of getting an in-car dock though. All these new lagos traffic rules is making me think of using the drive mode on my phone while driving. voice commands and co.best enjoyed while the Note is in a car dock.

  4. I have two usb cables one in the office and one at home (I cant do without it cos i watch alot of HD video podcasts and i charge my phone with it)
    Car charger cos my fm transmitter works really hard and headphones.

    Ones I need to get.
    Bluetooth headphones, USB OTG and HDMI cables.

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